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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Vikings In Florida???

Still More PhotoShop Phooling Around

So, Boudicca posts a review of the past decade, and includes a photo of herself wielding a rake. This one, to be exact:

(Click to embiggify!)

Well, naturally I just had to play around with it!

See, Bou's able to kick my ass up between my earlobes, due to her expertise in the chop-socky arts. It just didn't seem right for her to be wielding a rake and wearing rubber boots.

So, the idea was spawned... Bou the Warrior Princess! However, I really really hated that Xena TV show. Well, except that time Gabrielle got wet & nekkid. But I digress...

Anyway, a slight modification, and we have Boudicca, the Sunshine State Viking!

(Click to embiggify!)

Yeah, I know, the shadow's not quite right. Will I ever fix that?
Only The Shadow knows...

Taking matters to the logical extreme, here we have Boudicca the Valkyrie guarding the entrance to Valhalla!

(Click to embiggify!)

That makes appearance #3 for the swan wings. Hey, waste not, want not!

Oh, for the historical nitpickers... Yes, Boudicca was a Celt from around 60 AD, and Vikings didn't show up until 800 years later. Consider this Spike TV, not the History Channel...