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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project LOLA: Day 235

For Sale: Really F#&%!ng HUGE Trousers

Day 235 of the Great Weight Loss Game. Still managing to behave myself, though I did scarf up over a pound of shrimp last night.

Man, that was a joyous discovery! I loves me some shrimp cocktail, and it turns out that boiled or steamed shrimp have only 110 calories per 4 ounces, so my gobble-a-thon only set me back just shy of 500 calories, when you factor in the cocktail sauce.

Things are not perfect. I had a checkup at the doctor's office last Friday, and while he seemed pleased that I've lost weight, he's still talking up the gastric bypass surgery. I just don't think I'm gonna go there.

My blood pressure was up, no doubt due to my abysmal sodium intake. We're gonna try a new mix on the meds, and see what happens. Doc suggested buying the sodium-free products, and adding just enough salt so that they don't taste like boiled ass, and I'd still be getting less salt than manufacturers usually put in products. We shall see...

On the good news side, I've lost an 11 year old. I ran the numbers based on my average caloric intake over the last 8 months, and allowing for variables and the fact that I never knew exactly what my starting weight was, it looks like I've dropped close to 75 pounds since last September. That's close to the weight of an average 11 year old boy!

Here's another way of looking at it:

Imagine trying to pick that load up and carry it around with you everywhere. I've still got to drop that amount again before I get to even think about bacon double cheeseburgers...