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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Green Buttpaper?

Fun Is Where You Find It!

There was a push at work recently to economize wherever possible. Office supplies were locked down, no more travel, no expenditures at all unless they were Director-approved.

They even put one of the analysts to work figuring out how to save money. After several weeks of study, the genius plan was to acquire a bunch of green-colored bins, put one in every office, and have people put all their extra photocopies and draft copies of documents in the bins, and reuse them as scrap paper.

My suggestion to move towards a paperless office was of course met with skepticism and given little consideration. After all, why listen to me? I'm not a $65K a year analyst, who crawled back to The Man to beg for a position after failing to pass the Bar exam 5 times in a row... (Am I bitter? Nah.)

Anyway, half the department uses the green bins as trashcans, the other half mostly ignores them. I thought about submitting an anonymous suggestion on a quick way to save $65K a year, but thought better of it. There's more than one way to get your point across.

So why bring this up? The other day there was a mixup with the custodial staff, and the bathrooms didn't get restocked. The women's bathroom ran out of buttwipe, and someone hung a sign to that effect.

I, of course, couldn't let that situation pass without remark. And, of course, I have a camera so I can spread the joy.

Things like this are why I probably keep missing the 'Outstanding' levels on my annual review...