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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

I'm Like A Mule Stuck Between Two Piles Of Hay!

My rifle acquisition list grows ever-lengthier as the years roll by. I try to whittle it down, but that darn lack of discretionary dollars keeps the process agonizingly slow.

The ability to put things on layaway helps immensely. I'm tempted to do that process for more than one item at a time, but given my general lack of impulse control, I would eventually end up spending the rent money on some obscure Argentinian bolt-action bullet-flinger.

My birthday is this coming Friday, and the Project LOLA dividend is about to pay off again. I've been taking the $$$ usually spent on pizzas and fast food and using it on a shiny new rifle. I'll unveil it when I get it home!

So, my question for y'all... Next up after the birthday purchase needs to be something to tickle my pre-WWII bolt-action fetish.

Should it be a:



A Sveedish Mauser?

Please vote in the comments! Thanks!