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Thursday, December 09, 2010

The $35 Cigar

The Man Needs My Money...

I got off the job a little early, and thought I'd spend a bit of time over at McCoy's Cigar shop downtown.

McCoy's is a tiny little place, but you meet some really interesting folks. Lots of attorneys (and defendants) wander over from the courthouse, and various flavors of law enforcement types hang out from time to time. There's an unending parade of eye candy cruising by on Main Street, and Brad, the proprietor, is always good for a fun chat.

So, I parked the Big Red Wagon at the meter, paid the toll (or so I thought), and sat down for a spell.

The Kristoff cigar was $9 and change. The parking ticket? Another $25.

The meters cut off at 6:00 pm. The ticket gnome dinged me for the toll running out at 15 minutes to 6.

Needless to say, I'm pretty PO'ed. I'm gonna wait for the next rainy day, and spend some time racing around downtown trying to splash the ticket gnomes...