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Friday, December 03, 2010

Three Day Weekend!

Posting Just To Be Posting...

It's kinda funny... Last Sunday afternoon I actually wanted to go back to work. The 4 day holiday weekend was putting me off my usual routine, and LOLA demands a pretty tight schedule, lest you get bored and start stuffing your face.

So, after a long 4 day weekend, I'm on a 3 day weekend. Go figure.

I was supposed to go in for a checkup today, but the Doc's office called and forced a reschedule. Doc's out of town. Probably an emergency requiring his attention on the 14th hole at Pebble Beach. Who knows??

I'd already put in for the day off. Doc visits don't require an entire day, but tonight is the big tree-lighting ceremony in front of City Hall, and for folks like me that work downtown, it's one of the biggest clusterfucks you can possibly imagine.

After three years of fighting hordes of holiday revelers, miles of backed-up traffic and PO'd po-po's, I swore I'd just avoid the whole thing altogether. Unless you live downtown and can walk to the event, I'd recommend you do the same!

So, I'm off to do some shopping, see a flick and generally enjoy myself. Plus, it's Poker Night tonight. Score!!!