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Monday, December 06, 2010

Angry Woman Releases Possum Outside City Hall

Possums & Bobcats & Winos, Oh, My!!

I always seem to take a vacation day, and miss all the excitement!!

An excerpt:
Angry woman releases possum outside Houston City Hall

...Vandiver says she bought two animal traps and has captured at least 50 opossums over the last decade. Each time she would call BARC, the City of Houston’s animal control agency, and an officer would come to her house, retrieve the animal and set it free somewhere else.

"They pick it up off of my porch and they take it away," Vandiver said of the process she was expecting to happen again on Friday morning.

When Vandiver captured her latest quarry and called BARC, she said they told her they don’t consider possums dangerous so they stopped picking them up four months ago. They told her to set the possum free at the location of her choosing.

"Oh pretty mad," Vandiver said of her reaction. "And so I said, ‘In the meantime, what am I supposed to do? Set it free!’"

The location of her choosing was City Hall.

...Meanwhile Vandiver said she will keep trapping possums as they arrive at her home. And she’s considering releasing them all at city hall.

"And if I get the mayor’s address I’ll send her one for Christmas."

Now, I'm gonna have to go buy a cage trap. I get possums in the back yard all the time!! I bet I can let 3 or 4 go at City Hall in a good month!