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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Slow Saturday

Making Blogposts Out Of Nothing At All

Been light on the posting here lately...

Mostly unavoidable, work has been hectic, and there's the upcoming furlough days and re-orgs and possible layoffs.

My director got the axe last week. With 20+ years working for The Man, I imagine she'll either retire or do some consulting work. Love that double-dipping! Pulling your pension check plus whatever fees you can squeeze from The Man is a time-honored tradition. Hey, it's the Houston Way.

Trying to interest Betsy Cat in a wine cork/feather-on-a-string gizmo. She's not buying into the game. Maybe if I tie a kitty treat on the end she'll be more energetic. Pookie Cat is avoiding me. I trod on her tail the other night. The ensuing shriek carved off a couple of years of my life, and I'm pretty sure there's a head-sized divot in the ceiling where I jumped. She ought to learn to keep it tucked underneath her! How are you supposed to see a black tail in the dark??

I ought to go wash the truck while there's still light outside, but I imagine I'll end up glued to the Internet Dispenser for a couple more hours...