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Friday, January 07, 2011

Off The Grid

When Meatspace Intrudes Into Blogspace!

Man, what a week...

I hadn't intended to let a couple of days go by without updating this little hole in the web, but it's been kind of hectic in the big city.

My friend the Skinny Little White Chick was in Houston for a couple of days, and I got to drag her all over Houston showing her the sights. After retrieving her from the far-off Suburbia, we fueled up on Rat Toes (crab-stuffed jalapeno poppers) and fried gator tail at Razoo's, then bopped around town in the Big Red Truck. SLWC was returning from a job on Cebu, an island in the Philippines inhabited by things you mainly see in reptilian horror films.

We hung out at Stogie's for a while, and no doubt alarmed the patrons at The Palm steakhouse next door as we sat out on the patio and shot the breeze. One of the things I love about SLWC is that there's no topic you can't talk about with her. When you discuss the relative merits of 3rd world sex practices and Monica Bellucci's luscious lips in public, though, we might have raised a few eyebrows!

After dumping SLWC downtown in the dead of night to find her way back home, I had to head home and get a little sleep before the Thursday shitstorm.

My little section of The Man's Purity Police are officially moving to Human Resources on Monday, and it's a clusterfuck from the word go. Oh, it's a better fit for me professionally, but now I've got to deal with the schedule of the old & new departments until the changeover is complete, in addition to going all over H-town doing training. I don't expect much sleep for the next 8 weeks.

My boss & I did a salary review of the HR staff, and discovered we're severely underpaid by comparison. (If you just gotta know, go here...) I'm hoping I can wangle enough of a bump to cover some law school tuition, as well as some cash to do a nip & tuck when Project LOLA gets on the downhill side. We shall see.

Poker night tonight. Time to offer up my shekels to the folks smart enough not to chase a flush or bet a wad on 7-27. At least there will be cigars & bourbon!

See y'all soon!