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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This Might Not Work Out...

Fun & Games In The Man's Employ

Had a meeting today with a good chunk of the Professional People Sorters.

I thought my last gig was a hotbed of liberal bedwetters. I might have been mistaken.

I knew something was amiss when one person promoted way past their intelligence referred to MDMA as the "date rape" drug, and called it "a very evil drug".

Now, I've never ingested Vitamin X, but even I know that GHB is the date rape drug, and very rarely does any chemical compound acquire a moral leaning.

Next on the agenda was the discussion of the Texas Lege's plan to OK the storage of firearms in one's locked vehicle, regardless of the employer's policies.

I was told by another highly-ranked dimwit that "We oppose this plan".

My hand popped up immediately, and I was a microsecond away from saying "Who's 'we'?? You got a frog in your pocket, asshole??"

I managed to choke it down, fortunately.

This might be an unhappy career...