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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stompy The Cat

More Crazy Cat Antics

As Betsy Cat gets older, she's developed some pretty annoying habits.

Her almost total deafness has turned her sweet little meow into a piercing yowl. She "forgets" where the litterbox is, and prefers to whiz on the carpet in front of the hall closet, or under the old computer desk in my office.

The latest, though, is gonna result in her being banished to the garage...

Most cats have this instinctive "kneading" behavior. As kittens, they'd paw at the mama cat's belly to get the milk flowing, and older cats will sometimes do this rhythmic pushing against something as they relax, usually purring while they do.

Betsy Cat, though? She's just gotta be different.

She jumps up on my bed, and after walking up, down and across me several times looking for a spot to hang out, she'll begin stomping the sheets, usually without regard to me being under them.

None of this laying down and gently kneading! Oh, no! She stands up and commences to stomp with her front paws back and forth over a wide swath until everything's nicely tenderized, at which point she settles down and yowls until I skritch her ears for a while.

It was cute at first, but after being jarred awake at 3 AM by a cat stomping on your back, it's getting kinda old...