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Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Adventures In Reloading

At Least I've Got All My Fingers Attached!

Here's some things you might want to avoid...

Primer seated backwards. Load your primer tray carefully!

Primer off center. Something got out of whack between the feed tube & the press.

Primer completely mangled. See above, then add a full stroke on the loading lever. Good thing this didn't go BANG!

Bullet seating depth adjustment completely FUBAR'ed.

Misaligned shell plate in sizing die stage.

These went into the decapping die cockeyed. A correctly-sized case loader fixed this issue, for the most part.

See that deep gouge below the dent? That was left by the decapping pin just before it snapped in two!

Too much bullet, not enough case diameter. Adjust your expanding die to bell out the case mouth just a skosh more!

Here endeth the cautionary lesson, kiddies. Once I got everything tweaked correctly, the Lee Loadmaster worked flawlessly for a couple of hundred rounds!

Happy Reloading!!