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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rural Tooth Decay?

Online Conundrums

OK, you folks from West Virginia, Mississippi and Arkansas need to explain this...

So, I'm on Woot, one of many "daily deal" sites on the Intertubes, and today's offering is a 48-pack of the Colgate Wisp disposable toothbrushes. I love these things. Usually keep a 4-pack in my desk drawer and also in the truck to scrub the nasty out of my gob after something spicy or garlicky.

I order a bundle of the peppermint scrubbers, and then take a look at the sales statistics broken down by state.

Top purchasers appear to be in Utah, which makes sense, sorta. Lotta green Jello/marshmallow salads being consumed in that state, by all accounts.

OTOH, almost zero being sold in the aforementioned West Virginia, Mississippi and Arkansas. Also, you clamdiggers up in Maine need to get with the program!

Anyway, possibly just a hillbilly stereotype, but it is somewhat suspect...