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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road Tales

Fun From Two Decades Past

Posted the following as a comment over at Og's place, and it was too good a memory not to share!

(Share your own A-Hole driver stories!!)

Heading from Dallas to Shreveport, my buddy & I were overtaken by an Oldsmobuick driven by (from what we could see) a thatch of white hair & set of wrinkled knuckles high on the steering wheel.

It was doing at least 80, and its left turn blinker had probably been flashing since the guy got on I-20 in Abilene.

So, being the good Samaritans we were, my buddy stomped on the gas, while I pulled out some paper & a Sharpie to make a sign reading "TURN OFF YOUR BLINKER, YOU RECKLESS @$$HOLE!!!"

Alas, the 4-cylinder Chevy Nova, loaded down with fat men & iron, proved unable to catch the alacritous oldster.

All was made right with the world about 10 miles outside of Longview, when we passed the Oldsmobuick being ticketed by a State Trooper on the right side of the road.

With the left blinker still flashing...