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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Communications Breakdown

What Kind Of Whine Goes With Mac & Cheese??

Well, this is a steaming pile of technoturds...

The new Blogger interface does NOT play well with the crypto-Mac at home.  Can't upload pictures, and just navigating the buttons is an exercise in frustration.

So, it may be that my infrequent posting might get even more so. 

Of course, this has been duly reflected by my plummeting readership, more's the pity.  My blogroll's got more holes than a round of Emmentaler.

In order to get pics off my camera and uploaded here, I'll have to bring my SD card reader in to the office to slurp out the data.  No big deal, but while The Man's official computer use policy allows for 'infrequent and incidental personal use', hooking up all my toys would (to me) be pushing the limit.

I s'pose it's time to upgrade the Mac.  I can post from the smartphone, but it's kind of a PITA, and I still have the picture problem.

Grrr.  We will be dragged into the future by the scruff of our necks, whether we like it or not!