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Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Less Bureaucrat

Now Maybe I Can Get Some Work Done...

The Man had me out at a remote facility this morning, so I missed the Grand Hoo-Rah that took place in the office.

Seems that the Asst. Director that I report to was either shitcanned or left of their own volition this morning.  Word of mouth says 'resigned', but the official note from the HMFIC says 'left to pursue other opportunities'.  That usually implies being frogmarched out to the parking garage clutching a cardboard box full of coffee mugs and picture frames.

So, here's the $112,000 question.  How big a cut of the AD's salary do we need to kick back to the aforementioned HMFIC to have him divvy it up between the remaining peons in the group??  After all, if we don't spend it, we'll just have to give it back...