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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Defective Dog?

Wag The Dog In An Asymmetric Manner!

A question for you dog owners...

My neighbors have this little terrier named Sonya. I suppose it's a rat terrier, but it's got a bit of Jack Russell coloring, and is probably a Heinz 57 variety mutt.

It's friendly enough once it got to know me. It used to yap and growl at my ankles, but now it wanders up in the morning for an ear-scratch before trotting away on whatever doggy business it's up to.

I was watching it tool around the yard the other evening, amused by its high-stepping gait and diligent sniffing of almost every square inch of the yard. Something wasn't quite right, and it took a minute to figure out.

Finally, I spotted what was out of kilter... The tail was out of line. Instead of emerging out of the body dead-center above the bunghole, the whole tail assembly was offset to the left about an inch, or about the diameter of the tail at the base.

WTF?? Is not the tail just an extension of the spine?? The dog's back seems perfectly straight, and it has no discernible problems walking or running.

Very weird... Any ideas? Perhaps the pup got her tail in a twist at birth??