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Monday, June 25, 2012


Yay! I Won Something!!

Well, how's this for some good luck!

I went by my favorite cigar shop last Thursday, and they were having a San Lotano event. Big discounts on boxes, and giveaways of swag if you bought lots of sticks.

I'm completely enamored of the 6x60 San Lotano Oval, so I plunked down a wad of Jacksons for a box, and got entered into a drawing for more swag. It was my first time buying an entire box at an event.

Looks like it paid off! They pulled my ticket out of the hat, and I won a Xikar cigar cutter!

MSRP for the cutter looks to be about half the cost of the box, so I definitely made out OK.

Now, would it be too churlish to offer to trade the cutter in on a fancy quad-torch lighter??