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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here We Are Again...

My Alarm Clock Is Quite Useless

Another exciting day working for The Man leads to early evening nap-collapse and more late-night blogging! 4 AM, and I'm here pecking away on the blog.

I spent the day ingesting some knowledge imparted via one of The Man's pet legal beagles. It was made even more interesting by the large percentage of the audience that just couldn't quite grasp the concept of "Thou shalt not accept gifts of value from the general public".

Oh, they seemed to understand that envelopes full of cash were a no-no, but kept trying to justify free meals and suchlike. Hey, guys, no means no! A free box of donuts today leads to expectations of fudging a code inspection down the road.

As the rules stand, it could be 110 degrees outside, you could be wilting from dehydration while working on the street, and you'd have to refuse a drink of water from someone's garden hose. Decades of graft & corruption are what led to rules as draconian as that.

It finally took a picture of a former department director being carted off in prison duds and leg irons in a bribery case to make some see the light.

And, even then, greed is gonna rear its head. Just this week there's some rumblings of financial impropriety from the #2 elected official in The Man's organization. I suppose anytime there's wads of cash floating around, someone just can't resist scooping out a bucketful and hoping no one notices...