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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Birthday Guitar

A Newfangled Electro-Mechanical Musical Contraption!

Well, if I make a habit of this, I'm gonna have a roomful of guitars by the time I'm ready to retire...

Last year I decided I'd been without a means of making music for too many years, and lacking the rest of a drum & bugle corps, I wasn't about to take up the sousaphone again. The old upright piano is a bit hard to schlep around, so a guitar it had to be.

My old guitar self-destructed. It was an old 60's vintage Silvertone archtop, but the neck came loose, and after de-stringing it to assess the damage, I managed to misplace the tailpiece screws somewhere.

So, for my birthday last summer I went pawn shop-hopping until I found a suitable re-starter guitar. Nothing fancy, just a basic Ibanez acoustic to try and build up what little skill I might have had 25 years ago.

My skill level is still mostly hypothetical, but that didn't stop me from buying myself another guitar as a birthday present! Hope springs eternal...

Saw a tasty axe on Craigslist, so I journeyed up to a pawn shop in Humble to check it out.

I've always admired the natural wood finish on the Peavey T series. I'd have preferred a T-60, but a T-30 showed up at a good price, and I talked them down 25% on the price, so I'm happy.

Next stop is to a local luthier for a full setup and cleaning, and I've got to pick up a small practice amplifier. I'll start off with a headphone rig first. The 8' Marshall stacks are a bit far in the future.

So, rock on, my chilluns. I'm gonna enjoy this one!