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Monday, July 30, 2012

Starin' Straight Down A Forty-Four!!

Oh, Won't Ya Gimme Three Steps, Gimme Three Steps, Mister!!

Alas, I'm not cuttin' a rug down at the place called The Jug with a girl named Linda Lou...

However, Father Time did drop by, and he was lookin' for You Know Who!

Today marks my 44th trip around the sun.

Am I twice as well off as when I was 22? That's debatable. From a financial and professional perspective, I'm doing all right.

From a personal, social and health perspective, I'm getting a bit ragged around the edges. I do a mean impersonation of a hermit crab with a WiFi antenna on his shell...

Hard to say what the coming year will bring. I'm doing my best to keep the surly curmudgeon at bay, and I don't always succeed.

Still, I'm able to keep pushing forward, and in spite of the world-class book addiction, you can still see carpet in every room, (the floor is the largest shelf in the house...) so there's no impending appearance on one of those compulsive hoarder shows.

That reminds me. I never did tell Mom what I wanted for my birthday.