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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Legal! For Now...

Ignoring The Law Since 1968

It's a red letter day! El Capitan's truck once again sports a current (and genuine) state inspection sticker. Once I scrape off the old registration sticker and replace it with the new one that's been sitting in an envelope under the sun visor since last November, I'll have a perfectly legal truck.

Procrastination? Thy name is El Capitan...

I got the Ford over to Scott's Auto Repair at the crack of dawn, and they had the misfiring ignition coil/plug squared away PDQ. This time, it was Cylinder #8, way back against the firewall. That makes 6 out of 8 coils replaced so far. While they were at it, they fixed the turn signals/hazard lights (bad connection under fuse box) and the jacked-up muffler.

There's still half a dozen minor quibbles to fix, which will run another 1200-1500 bucks, but today's tab was a skosh under $600. Not great, but it could have been a lot worse.

So, I'm back on the road, and legal for the time being. I better go get a picture of the valid stickers for posterity...