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Monday, July 09, 2012


I Ought To Buy Stock In Kaopectate.

Well, there's another weekend gone down the shitter...

In this case, I mean that literally.

Some of my medications and my alimentary canal are at odds with each other, and they spent all day Friday going at it hammer & tongs.

I, of course, was caught in the crossfire, and spent much of the day tiptoeing over to the dunny in order to keep from exploding.

I'll say this about working for The Man. You get the right bathroom, you can crap in comfort and style.

Anyway, I ended up missing my monthly poker night. I didn't want to win a good pot, jump up in glee, and spray crap all over the floor.

So, Saturday was spent mostly horizontal, reading & napping and rehydrating.

Somewhat back to normal today. I'm due to start on a new med mix next week, and I hope this lickety-split crap will cease and desist.