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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Almost There...

We Should Have Independence Month...

I've got most of my plate cleaned off in preparation for having tomorrow as a holiday. A mid-week day off isn't always as welcome as it might seem. Things can fester between Tuesday & Friday, so it's best to move as much as you can to the "OUT" basket early.

Now, it's a question of coasting through the afternoon, or going downstairs to cross horns with a big ugly hambeast over some protocol issues. I don't mind so much that this bint looks like something a dog vomited up, or that she's a good candidate for Miss Manatee 2012, but does she have to be so goshdarned ill-tempered?? I've had dealings with her before. Unless your pay grade is 5 levels or more above hers, you're pretty much treated like a cockroach to be stomped.

Sigh. I'm leaning towards "coasting through the afternoon". There's enough time on Thursday for jousting with a walrus.