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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Down The Memory Hole?

Nittany Lions? Sounds Like They're Vermin-Infested...

I'm not a particularly avid fan of college football, or even sports in general, but I do enjoy watching a good game every so often, and I read enough headlines that I can tell the difference between a Jayhawk and a Gamecock.

Lately the headlines have been full of Penn State's Short Eyes scandal. Seems that one of the coaches enjoyed buggering boys in the shower stalls, and the head coach and the University top brass swept it under the rug.

Now, I've got no use for kiddy-diddlers, and whatever Sandusky gets in the way of punishment, I'm sure he'll deserve. Also, there's no doubt that if Joe Paterno (the now-expired head coach) and the university high muckity-mucks held up a blanket so Sandusky could keep playing hide-the-salami, then they need to get their flogging as well.

Last weekend they announced that Penn State would be harshly sanctioned. Falling short of the NCAA Death Penalty, they're going to lose out on post-season bowl appearances, pay a $60 million fine, loss of scholarships, and so on.

There's one thing they did that kinda bugs me, though... Since Paterno is pushing up daisies, there's not a lot they can do to him directly, aside from digging him up and doing a post-mortem tarring & feathering.

Instead, the NCAA has decided to vacate Penn State's football wins from 1998 to 2011, lowering Paterno from #1 on the list of Most Winning Coaches down to #12.

The problem is, Paterno didn't do that alone. The players did the lion's share (no pun intended) of the effort to get those wins, and they're not guilty of anything other than having a pedo-scumbag for an assistant coach.

Also, it smacks of rewriting history. Making Paterno an "unperson". Hell, they've already pulled down his statue, and it'll probably get melted down to make bronze dildos to use on Sandusky...

Fine 'em all you want. Don't mess with history, though.