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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vintage Hog Blaster?

Those Aren't Hose Clamps! They're Redneck Scope Rings!!

Another interesting find from Collector's Firearms.

Here's a tricked out Remington 870. The extended magazine tube and the slug sights are nice, but what really makes this a Bubba Special is the attached MagLite!

With today's tactical flashlights that squirt out half a million candlepower from a tube the size of a roll of Lifesavers, it's easy to forget that MagLites were state-of-the-art in portable lighting just a few years ago.

Hell, I've still got a 4 D-cell aluminum billyclub... er... flashlight riding on the jumpseat of the truck!

Anyway, it's an interesting method of clamping the light onto the shotgun. It would make a quite effective hog gun, or a raccoon eradicator.

Just $395 + TTL and it can go home with you!