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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Fouling Shot

Not A Gun Post, Yet Not Quite A Crapblogging Post, Either.

In the shooting sports, a fouling shot is the practice of shooting a round or two out of a clean barrel in order to scour out any gun oil or cleaning patch lint prior to attempting to shoot a tight group.

There's some debate on how necessary the practice is. A hot barrel will group differently than a cold barrel, but IMHO a single shot won't generate enough heat to force any major changes.

I'm all in favor of outlawing another type of fouling shot, however...

What I speak of is my colon's unspeakable habit of blasting out a sloppy fart whilst I'm bent over the sink shaving after a hot shower.

It's totally annoying. You get out of the shower all squeaky-clean, and before you can even pull on your skivvies, there's a seismic event occurring between your buttcheeks.

Might be time for the Gas-X tablets...