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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The First Cut Is The Squirtiest

This Is Really %&*$#@ Gross.

Mmmmmm.... There's nothing like a nice juicy boil to liven up the weekend.

I thought I had a serious skeeter bite or a zit gone wild last night. A pre-shower looksee revealed a nice pea-sized festering knot just above my left knee.

No clue how it came to be, but once revealed it had to go!

You just can't use a pin to prick the beastie. No, the chunky sludge inside will clog up the tiny hole and things won't drain. You've got to get medieval on the thing.

The bestest tool in the world for chancre-poking is the awl blade on my Camillus USGI pocket knife. It's hard to tell from the picture, but there's a knife-edge on one side, it's needle-sharp, wide enough to drain well, and the tiny fuller in the blade just adds a blood-groove kind of efficiency to the party.

So, a quick flame to the blade, hose everything down with Purell, and commence to poking!

I highly recommend napkins from Subway. Nicely absorbent, and much cheaper than store-bought gauze pads!

Some more Purell, and a squirt of Bactine and a band-aid, and we're good as new!

This has been Dr. Cap wishing you & yours a Happy Lancing!!