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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chairborne Rangers FTW!!

You Need TWO Facepalms For This Stupidity.

Found this on a web forum.

Suffice to say, if you've got a gun question, never, never NEVER ask a bunch of Call of Duty gamers. I've posted the best (worst?) answers below...

Original question:
"Any CoD fag here who can tell me what the fuck this thing does?"
(The correct answer is "Forward assist")

"Reload and the first bullet, any cod player know that"

"You pull it and it makes a funny sound"

"cigarette lighter."

"Its what you press to turn on the laser on your gat"

"safety dipshit"

"Enables explosive rounds"

"it enables mod menu, but you need to be host"

"It's the child assist. It helps your bullets maneuver through the air to hit only children."

"you pull it and throw the gun like a grenade and it detonates"

"if you have a grenade launcher attached, you press that button to shoot them."

"actually i'm a gun technician
but you have been answered already, obviously ciggarette lighter"