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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Blast A Bandit, Collect A Colt!!

Suddenly, "Wahooing" Beer Has Lost Its Appeal...

Here's an interesting bit of local history!

From the Collector's Firearms website:

Colt Goldcup National Match .45 ACP caliber pistol.

Original Shotgun Squad "bounty" gun.

This gun was one of the award guns given to officers in the 1970's by the U-Totem convenience store chain for successfully ending an armed robbery.

The stores were suffering heavy losses due to armed robberies and off duty police officers were hired to guard the stores armed with 12 gauge shotguns. They typically hid in the beer cooler, in what must have been very uncomfortable conditions, laying in wait for a robber to make his appearance.

When an officer killed a robber, the company rewarded him with a Colt pistol and $1000.00 cash. The robberies soon stopped after word got out of what was going on.

Gee, ya think??

The gun is a Series 70 Goldcup pistol, in excellent condition with the original box. The gun has been inscribed "Pluto Allison from UtoteM", and comes with a letter of authentication from Deputy Sheriff "Buster" Brown.

Brown was a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy and also worked as a bailiff in the city courts. He was an avid collector of Colt pistols and law enforcement memorabilia, and details in the letter how he acquired the pistol from Allison's heirs.

A rare and collectible piece, tied to a fascinating part of modern urban history that would never be put into practice today.

I can only imagine how the present-day "community organizers" and civic leaders would squeal if this bounty were currently being offered!!

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