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Friday, February 28, 2014

Sinus Plague: The Aftermath

Wrapping Up This Snotical Rodeo

Oh, my achin' (Fill In The Blank)...

I *hate* being sick.

Fortunately, I'm almost past it.  One or two more days of sniffling & coughing should see the great Snot Eruption of 2014 left to the history books.

I can't stress enough to y'all how a basically healthy body makes all this so much easier.  Once you start having to take fistfuls of pills everyday, the drug interaction problems make finding relief almost impossible.

I've blogged before about how the anti-coagulants make taking aspirin, NSAIDS, or any other blood-thinning pain reliever/fever reducer a bit problematic.  When the Snot Monster attacks, you *really* want to be able to pop a few of those and not worry about popping major blood vessels.

Maxing out on the decongestants is also a problem if your blood pressure is high.

What did work:

Steam.  Nice steamy steam, from boiling water poured into a bowl and snurfed up whilst a t-shirt was stretched over the bowl to catch all the vapor.  Next time, I'll have some Vick's Vapo-Rub or mint oil to schmear in the bowl first.

Saline wash.  I'm a bit leery of the whole Neti pot idea, but they make a sterile saline spray that does wonders.  Nothing like a blast of salt water up the snoot to clear things out and kill bugs.  I was imagining intra-skull napalm strikes on the Snot Monsters.

Gatorade - Goes down easy, not too sweet, not too salty.  Great for replacing the fluids that have leaked out of your facial orifices.

Bourbon.  Don't know that it helped.  It certainly aided my comfort, though.

Now, I just need to find someone that delivers chicken soup...