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Friday, September 23, 2005

Done My Duty, Goin' Home To Fort Up

And Not A Minute Too Soon...

I had to go back downtown for a few hours this morning, just to lock things down before turning everything over to the folks with badges and radios.

Here's what I-10 looked like heading east just past the 610 loop just after 9 a.m.:

Eerie. Not too much traffic heading west, either. Those massive jams of last night have largely cleared out, though the shoulders and access roads are littered with abandoned vehicles.

Here's Louisiana St., one of the main arteries going through downtown. This was taken at 5:45 pm last night, a time when this road is usually wall to wall cars & buses. Today, you were perfectly safe ignoring the Walk/Don't Walk signs. There was hardly anyone other than official vehicles on the roads.

This is the line of Metrolift buses staged outside the Public Works building downtown. They were being used in coordination with the 311 line to identify people with special needs who are unable to get out on their own. The buses would pick those people up and transport them to a hospital or evacuation hub, depending on their needs. I'm still peeved at METRO for stranding me yesterday, but the drivers on this crew are in great spirits and are getting the job done. Bravo for that.

You can see Hizzoner's Castle Anthrax (aka Minas Bagby) in the background, with the All-Seeing Eye on all four sides.

OK, so the eye looks kinda like a clock. They planned it that way to lure you into a false sense of security...

So, I'm back home, getting ready to go dig in the garage for my Igloo coolers and jerry cans for washing/cooking water. I've already got umpteen dozen bottles of drinking water in the deep freeze for an extra ice stash.

Now, if I just had a Sonic lemon slush and a cheeseburger, I'd be all set...

Stay safe, Houstonites. More later.