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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Goin' Nowhere Fast..

Best Bring A Book To Read. A BIG One!

Just got off the phone with my parents. They left town right at 6 a.m., heading for my sister's place outside of San Marcos. It's now 1 p.m., and they've just reached Brenham. Took them 6 hours to go the 43 miles between here and Hempstead, and traffic reports say it doesn't start to break up until past Giddings.

Dad had planned on dropping Mom off, then doing a quick turnaround, getting back here by 5 pm or so to gear up and go join all his CERT buddies. Now it looks like he might not be allowed back into town due to the reversal of the traffic lanes. We'll see what happens. He might end up wearing a bedsheet for the next few days while his one set of clothes gets washed!

This does crimp my plans, somewhat. The large apartment community just over the back fence is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Has been for 25 years. The place even has its own liquor store tucked in the middle of the complex so folks don't have to exert themselves cashing their relief checks and buying cases of 40 ouncers. (The Koreans that run the joint live out their workdays behind 4" Plexiglas.) If a Rita-spawned tornado leveled the whole thing, I would shed not a tear, and dance a jig as I looked over the rubble.

Through our neighborhood spy agencies that have infiltrated the den of weasels, we've already had news of shitbags planning to jump the fence and 'go shopping' in my subdivision once all the gringos leave town. This has happened before. I've lost a motorscooter to the thieves, and also had a car broken into. Several houses have been burgled in the area, including the folks across the cul de sac. One tip from our sources last year had a gang of delinquents planning on firebombing cars in our neighborhood. They actually torched one two streets over before someone squealed on 'em and they all went to the juzgado.

I'd planned on having Dad available to keep an eye on things while I'm stuck downtown, and then we could run watch & watch during the storm and afterwards, just in case we do get some wandering scumbags poking around the hacienda. I have serious doubts about Dad being capable of dropping the hammer on someone, but he could certainly shake me awake so I could go perforate them. (I'm somewhat less civilized than he is...)

Well, I'll just have to take life as it gets tossed to me. No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Off now for some lunch. I'm betting none of the food places in the tunnel are open. Good thing I stopped off at the store for some munchies this morning.