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Thursday, September 22, 2005

No Way Out

Freeways Collapsing Under Weight Of Bazillion Cars

OK, there's not really any roads crumbling. Yet. You can still get out of Houston, but it's gonna take hours if you leave right now.

Riding in on the commuter bus, we had smooth sailing on I-10 heading east towards downtown. Maybe one other car per hundred yards of freeway.

Going west? Holeeee $hit. Parking lot. Literally thousands of people at a dead stop, and hundreds standing around outside their cars, peeing on the dividing wall, or pouring precious drinking water in overheated radiators. I saw no less than 10 cars off to the side of the road with their hoods up between Washington and the I10/I45 junction.

Lotsa frayed nerves out there. Everyone just swallow a Valium, and chill! It's gonna get worse before it gets better, I guarantee!

I'm thinking if you need to leave town, mayhap you ought to let this gigantimous traffic jam clear up. They're saying that the I-10 mess doesn't break up until you reach Columbus, and I-45 is stacked solid past Huntsville. Rain's not due to start falling until tomorrow afternoon, so you've got some time if you're outside of the flood zones.

Best drain all the gas out of your lawnmower and put it in your car, though. I passed many a gas station with a big ugly "NO GAS" sign out front. Glad I filled up yesterday morning, before the lines started. Last night, it took me nearly an hour to go 8 miles due to the backups caused by people trying to get into and out of gas stations along Long Point Rd.

Off to a meeting. Back for more blogging a bit later. Stay safe!