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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Betsy Cat Exerts Her Will

I Done Been Hip-Mo-Tized By Dat Fee-Lion!!

Look into my glowing eyes, you lowly opener of food cans!

You are powerless before me!

You will put away that bag of dried kibble, for it tastes like ass! You have seen me groom, I know what ass tastes like!

You will go to the cupboard and get that big can of pink salmon right now!

You will spoon feed it all to me, and give none to that awful Pookie Cat that I loathe so much! It disgusts me that you pet her short fur. Only Long-Haired Cats can rule this house!

Obey me, lowly human!

Oh, and clean out my pooper-tray, you schmuck. It's been three days!