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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Oh, no... More catblogging

Sorry, Acidman, the ransom payment for not having an unholy mixture of hairballs and eau de cat-pee applied to my shoes at night is the continued publicity given to these two furbeasts.

What is it about cats and shoes, anyway? Anyone else have their cats attempt to burrow into your shoes? If they're that turned on by shoe-smell, why don't they go after feet?

OK, here's the cat ransom... Fortunately, they can't read, so I can say pretty much whatever I want, and they'll never know.

First is Betsy Cat and her 'Wanted' poster. Betsy Cat gnawed off the tops to a flat of seedlings I was sprouting. Had herself a nice little salad, and left me naught but stems. So, instead of following my initial desire, (turning her upside down and shaking her really hard to get the leaves back... these were 'special' seeds) I just made up a 'Wanted' poster and grew peppers and herbs instead. It's for the best, as my new job does random urinalysis.

Next is a close up of Pookie Cat. Based on her markings, she was almost called "Teardrop" and "Booger", but her inner pookie-ness prevailed.

OK, the horrorshow is over.... all the dog people can come back into the room! No more Catblogging until 2005! Maybe.