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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dashing Off For Lunch!

Fun weekend for El Capitan!

I had the pleasure of dining on my beloved chilidogs from James Coney Island this Saturday, courtesy of one of the Hill Country's premiere bloggers, Dash Riprock of The Boiling Point.

Dash was on his way to a weekend of fun and frivolity down Galveston way, but stopped off in my neck of the woods long enough for some lunch and conversation. He even paid the tab, which is a sure way to endear yourself to this wage slave! For my part, I managed to avoid dumping chili down my shirt, which is something of a miracle, given my flair for making memorable impressions.

Dash is a transplanted Louisiana-type. (We Texans allow Coonasses to flood over our borders every so often, 'cause they tend to bring their Cajun cookpots with 'em, and they have a excellent capacity for beer-drinkin' and story tellin') Dash is no exception, and in the space of an hour, managed to wow me with tales of all types. Dash may not realize it, but he's still got a sizable piece of Bayou Country in his accent even after years in Texas! He's into hunting and shooting and hoo-rawin', same as me, but he's also managed to gather together what sounds like a real nice family, which is a feat that's eluded me so far.

We're talking about putting together a Central Texas mini-blogfest sometime this summer. I think we can find enough folks within a 100 mile radius of the Austin/San Antone corridor who'd come hang out for a while. More on that as it gets worked out.

Thanks for lunch, Dash! It was great meeting you!