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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Things got a bit emotional this morning.

I was actually having a pretty good day, at least as good as a workday can be. Got up on time, fed the cats & Bob the Fish, and had time to catch the news before starting the SSS routine. My headache that had persisted all day yesterday was nowhere to be found, much to my relief. Two beers and 800 mg of ibuprofen probably helped there, along with locking the cats out of the room so I got uninterrupted sleep.

So, I'm sitting in my chair, letting the fan air-dry me a bit as I get dressed. As a long-term resident of Houston, I know better than to venture outside while even slightly damp, lest you immediately cover over in mold & mildew. Well, OK, you don't really do that, but it's better if you don't give the humidity a head start on soaking through your shirt.

Then I get to the fun part, buttoning the collar. Now, I don't have the most svelte of necks, and I kinda screwed up while re-sewing the button on the shirt collar, so buttoning it requires more dexterity than usual. Add to that the glacial advance of arthritis, and some mornings it's just a massive PITA to get this particular shirt buttoned up.

Well, it just wasn't happening today. Either my fingers were just off-kilter, or the stars weren't in proper alignment. After literally 10 minutes of fucking around, I just kind of snapped.

I really should have just changed shirts much earlier. After the first 3 minutes, though, you've got a certain amount of time and effort invested, and you'd like a return. After 6 minutes, it's just pure stubborness. After 9 minutes, it's pure Red Curtain OF Blood rage.

Next thing I know, I'm holding onto two shirt halves, and buttons are scattered all over the floor. I'm not quite sure I needed to reach that level of blind rage that early in the morning, and my poor shirt agrees with me.

Damn, I kinda liked that shirt, too.