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Friday, May 13, 2005

You Want Some Pie? I'll Give Ya Some Pie!!

I just now noticed that there's a pile of Cohiba cigar ashes and a couple of Tecate cans left lying around in my comments section, meaning that the rare Grey-Plumed Zippo was roosting there for a bit.

He suggests that I go to N'awlins and have a Key Lime Shooter at Margaritaville. Heh. Silly Zippo! I've got some Pie waiting for him!

He might have forgotten, but the crown jewel in my long-neglected Booze Reviews is this recipe for a shooter called, coincidentally, Key Lime Pie!

When he gets the date nailed down for the Brew Naunfels BlogBash, I'll start laying in stocks of booze to concoct a 55 gallon drum full of these tasty shooters. We'll all get a load on, and sing Buffett tunes until the polite yet stern men with their shiny silver bracelets drop by to tell us to cease & desist.

After all, it's not officially a party until either:

a) The cops show up
b) Someone yacks on the stereo
c) Someone tips over the bong, soaking the carpet in bongwater.

Hopefully, we'll see all three before 10 pm. And I'm SO glad it's not my stereo!