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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Random Things That Piss Me Off

'Cause I'm In That Kind Of Mood

Coke machine vendors that only restock once a month, forcing me to choose between the evil of Sunkist Orange, and the festering nightmare that is Big Red.

Cats that pace back and forth on my bed chirruping at me when they know darn good and well they've had too many treats already.

Getting a bunch of hits from TotalFark, but not making the editor's cut to get the cat treat post put on Fark's main page. Your Capitan wants an 'Amusing' tag.

Chinese restaurants that make their lo mein out of fettucini or spaghetti.

Having no A/C in the Caddy as daily temps reach 95 degree averages. Even through trousers, you stick to the leather.

Forgetting your lunch, and trying to survive until 6 pm on Altoids.

Still paying on student loans 10 years after graduation. You want fries with that?

Having 17 (yes, that's SEVENTEEN) single socks lacking a mate. Where the hell do they go to? They're not inside the dryer's innards or the vent hose, 'cause I've checked there.

The nearest 7-11 (and Slurpee machine) is in Smithville, a 2 hour drive west of here.


METRO's plan to save us all from terrorist jaywalkers.

Next-door neighbors that buy a screechy bird and leave it in a cage outside their front door. I foresee posting a recipe for Cockatiel Tetrazzini in the near future.