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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Can Resist Anything!

Except Temptation...

Damn the DVD industry!

It was bad enough when they just sold movies. I could resist the urge to buy them en masse, and only purchase the occasional favorite.

Then, the boxed sets appeared. Entire seasons of my favorite TV shows, available in one package. Still, I struggled valiantly to not blow the rent money on frivolous purchases. I treated myself occasionally to the ones I truly liked, such as Smallville, Firefly, and Northern Exposure. Though my gaze lingered over the Star Trek, Simpsons, Magnum PI and The Shield collections, I did not bow to the extreme pressure.

Last night, though, the evil tempters slipped one past my defenses. I was powerless to resist. I dithered, I wriggled, torn between saving money and satisfying my craven urges for old TV show collections.

I was weak... It came home with me. Season One of Hogan's Heroes, one of my all-time favorite sitcoms. 32 episodes of silliness at Stalag 13!

So, when will I be finished with them so they can be loaned out?

I know nothing! I hear nothing, I say no-thing!