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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Things You Do For Love

I Shoulda Fed 'Em Tuna Fish Tonight

I get home this evening after enduring several soakings I acquired during the transit home from the mini-monsoon we had this afternoon. As usual, my umbrella was nice & safe & dry here at the house.

No sooner do I get in the door and drop my stuff than two furmonsters plop themselves down in front of me and start a yowling duet. Shit. I forgot to buy catfood. Again.

I can understand going back out into the rain to fetch medicine for a deathly ill person, or to warn people the British are coming (Ewww! What a mess!), but it took every bit of my waning supply of good will to turn around and go back out in the rain to fetch some kitty kibble.

Damn cats. If they were surly yard beasts, I'd just let 'em scavenge a meal. They should have some atavistic instincts remaining. However, these two came from the rescue shelter minus front claws, so the only thing they can put an ass-whoopin' to is a bowl of Iams.

Sigh. After this, these two kitties are gonna learn how to fetch me a beer.