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Monday, October 03, 2005

Does Houston Always Smell LIke This?

Maybe It's Just My Upper Lip...

Rot. Rot & corruption. Perhaps with just a soup├žon of swamp gas for added titillation. Everywhere I drive in this town, from the barrio to River Oaks, I'm constantly getting a whiff of something dead. It's especially joyous when I leave a drive-thru with a bag full of dinner, and have to drive over the sewer grate that every restaurant seems to have right at the edge of the parking lot. Nothing whets the appetite like a good noseful of hydrogen sulfide gas with a scattering of various odiferous mercaptans.

I don't recall smelling this foulness so often in my previous residency in Swamp City. Of course, I was smoking almost a pack a day back then, and now I'm 10 years quit of the death sticks. I guess my nasal passages are back to full operating capacity.

Perhaps it's my inability to get my A/C fixed in a timely manner, so my open car windows are letting me experience more of Houston's unique bouquet than the usual driver.

Whatever it is, it's not very nice. Hopefully the onset of cooler temperatures will slow down the constant decomposition of whatever organic potpourri that exists in our sewer pipes.

OTOH, perhaps we just have hordes of putrefying zombies living underground, and they're dragging down the unwary to feed upon in the wee hours of the night. Heh. Bet you'll give that storm drain a bit of a wider berth when you're out walking Sparky tonight!