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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How Cool Is Andy?

Pop Quiz, Hotshots!

Time for a quick little quizzle, my faithful readers!

The question of the day is...

How Cool Is Andy?

Is he....

A) Cool As A Cucumber?

B) Cooler Than Cool Whip?

C) Cool Like Fonzie?

D) Liquid Nitrogen Cool?


E) All Of The Above?

The correct anser is...

E) All Of The Above!!!!

Why? 'Cause Andy bought himself a new iPod, and in an act of ├╝ber-coolness unseen since Steve McQueen felt a bit cramped in the Stalag Luft III and went out for a bike ride, he boxed up his old iPod and mailed it to me!

Now, how farookin' cool is that???

Thanks, Andy! I'll enjoy this immensely!