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Monday, January 23, 2006

Well, That'll Wake You Up...

Big Toe: 1 Styrofoam Cooler: 0

Brought home a few souvenirs from my weekend jaunt. (More on that trip later!)

Since I had to drive Saturday night to get to the hotel, I couldn't get as blotto as I might have if I'd stayed over. Therefore, there were a few bottles of hooch left over. Brought 'em into the bedroom after getting back home fully intending to have one or two while typing up the weekend's exploits, but I didn't escape a tidal wave of sleepiness, and my "quick nap" at 8 pm lasted until about 3 am.

So, when I made that bleary-eyed excursion to the bathroom, I failed to remember the foam cooler was set down by the foot of the bed. All that ice had plenty of time to partially melt, and the bloody thing was about 2/3 full.

Just so ya know, when a person's big toe intersects a foam cooler at right angles while traveling at "Damn, Gotta Pee Like A Racehorse On Diuretics" velocity, it punches a big ol' hole in the side, which quickly dumps about 2 quarts of 32.5 degree ice water all over your foot.

After the shrieking died down, I managed to get the rest of the cooler scooped up and dumped into the sink, but the damage was done. Ain't no duct tape gonna be able to fix this one.

Sigh. One more cooler sacrificed to appease the Beer Gods...