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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Renew Those Domains, People!!

Hope She Didn't Quit Altogether...

I dropped by Tiffany's place this morning on my usual blogroll run-through, only to see some web hosting company has squatted on her site. Looks like she might have forgotten to renew that domain name for another year!

Let's hope she gets everything squared away soon. I've been reading her snarky goodness for about as long as I've been reading blogs. I can't say for certain what the appeal is for me, 'cause FSM knows I don't exactly have a lot in common with a young black female from the Carolinas. We both have blogs, we both have two cats, and that's about it. Still, she's got a way with words, ain't afraid to show her face to the entire world, and... well, hell, she's on the blogroll. 'Nuff said.