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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Shout Out To My Homies

'Cause I'm One Seriously Lazy Bastard

OK, here's some messages for some friends who are regular readers. Ordinarily I'd send out emails and/or phone calls, but I've still got most of my email archives/addys on the dead iMac, along with my snailmail address book. Therefore, I either a) don't have a way to contact you directly, or b) you're here often enough you'll catch this.

So, pay attention, I might be talking to you...

Flygirl: The book I promised is sitting right here, all boxed up and awaiting shipping. Couldn't hurt to email me an address, the one I've got may be for your old place. When the stars align and I can get to a post office when it's open for business, you'll get it a couple of days later. Oh, and "Blech" is NOT an acceptable form of reasoned debate on the plight of the objectified female! ;-P

Andy & Laura: Ditto, 'cept you didn't know a book was coming. Mea maxima culpa. Oh, you don't need to ditto the "blech" message, though you'd probably agree with Flygirl.

Lynnie Lou Who: Spoke to the folks asking for the employment reference. Be advised they now assume you can walk on water, so best fill up the wading pool and start practicing!

Chainsawed: I'm good to go for dinner with you and Ozzie & Harriet Friday night. Can't stay out too late, have to leave for Points West at the crack of dawn Saturday. Just let me know where & when.

Connecticut Yankee: Be as snarky as you want, nothing will escape the fact that you had a phallic symbol hanging off your lower lip for years in band! Didn't you mention that one time... at Band stuck a...??

Rockhauler: Cannot begin Jordan #11 just yet. Urge to re-read entire series is overwhelming. Will attempt to find CliffNotes in an attempt to stay sane and not plow through 10,000+ pages of overwrought fantasy novels for THIRD time.

Kosher Red: Where are you? Jack Burton called, he wants his truck back. It's all in the reflexes, sweetie!

Assorted commenters: You're welcome!

Zibig: Ahhh, I got nothin'. Didn't want you to feel left out, though!