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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Buncha Savages 'Round Here...

The 'Selfish Asshole' Genetic Marker Is Common Hereabouts

OK, not only have I made several pleas for people to not leave the water cooler bottle empty, I even stood up during a staff meeting and volunteered to replace the bottle in the cooler whenever it's needed.

My office is just a few steps from the breakroom, and I'd much rather have someone come ask me to refill it instead of going in there and finding it empty. Heck, I even let people know they could call me when they got back to their desk, just so the folks on the opposite end of the floor didn't have to go out of their way (unlike me) to let someone know the bottle needed swapping out.

I really don't mind doing it. You think my pleas for cooperation have had any effect?

Hell, no. F'ing assholes. I walk in there today, it's bone dry. Not even a drip out of the nozzle. 3rd time in two weeks I've found it that way.

It's not just the pinhead who drains it, either. It's every single person that goes in there, sees it empty, and says nothing and does nothing.

Just for the record, 95% of the people on this floor are hard-core Yellow Dog Democrats. Liberal to the core. Oh, yeah, they just loooove to help out their fellow man. Not a selfish bone in their bodies.