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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Overdue Blogfest Pics

I Can Never Remember Who's Camera-Shy...

Computer glitchies have kept me from posting the blogfest pics until now. I hijacked Mom's eMac while she's on her extended babysitting mission, and finally got the image editing software loaded.

I'm not too pleased with a lot of my pics. Most of the trip, I couldn't be arsed to get outta my chair to properly frame the scene, and almost all my pics of Walrilla make him look like he's got half a head.

Still, there were a few good ones. Here they are:

This is some form of dead goat-like creature hanging on the wall outside the hotel bar. I took this one in honor of Zonker.

This is the view of the hotel from the pool. A very pleasant location!

Here's one of the Elderly Brothers in action. I like the reflection of Denny in Jimbo's new axe.

Here's Denny smoking a hash pipe playing a kazoo.

Guy & Erica under the umbrella.

The Layabout Sailor and his Irish lass.

Erica, Shoe and Confabulator playing the "Who farted?" game.

UPDATE: There... got the anonymizer in place so the got-damn stalkers will leave our favorite holster-sniffer alone. Next blogmeet, I'm bringing a bunch of Nixon masks...