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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It Was Probably That Adil Hoxha Kid...

Got-Damn Albanian Goat Molesters!!

Now this ranks as a pretty ballsy move... Supposedly the video on this Dutch site captures President Bush getting his watch stolen as he gladhands a crowd in Fushe Kruje, outside the capital of Tirana in Albania.

Watch visible:

Lots Of Hands!

Watch Is Gone!

I can't condone stealing a man's watch right off his arm, but whoever pulled it off will probably never have to buy a beer anywhere in Greater Europe again. Talk about your untoppable pranks!

The U.S. Embassy in Albania insists that the watch wasn't stolen, but of course U.S. authorities would never admit to such a breach of security. Other theories being put forward are that the watch "dropped off" and was recovered by an aide, and that President Bush removed it himself with the help of bodyguards.

It wasn't a Rolex Presidential, alas... It seems Bush wears a $50 Timex with an American flag faceplate.

Oh, Adil Hoxha was the Albanian spy in an episode of The Simpsons...

Via BoingBoing